Region's history

Homer is the one who makes the first mention in particular Kardamili as one of the cities that would give dowry Agamemnon to Achilles.

On the other hand Pausanias refers to the castle of Lefktro and says that he saw there a statue of Asklepios and Ino, but also Cassandra. It also says that he saw the temple of Athena and her statue.

Beside the above, in Byzantine times the area as it was under the dominion of Mystras, led to a declaration of revolution for the release of his country, and other regions of Greece. It states that on March 21, 1821 Petrobeis Mavromichalis reached Kardamili, having sworn an oath on the holy at Areopolis to start the race, joining forces with Kolokotronis, Mourtzinos and Mani. In Kalamata came on 23 March, released and continued the fight for “Resurrection of the Nation’.